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Media monitoring is the activity of monitoring the output of the print, online and broadcast media. Earlier the PR teams had to go through a tedious process of checking all the newspapers and magazines searching for a mention of their brands. Hence there used to be clip books in which these articles would be clipped. Similarly, watching TV news or listening to shows on radios for hours to get the results of the PR campaign. It was too tiring and frequently inaccurate to analyse if they got coverage or not. However, media monitoring has evolved with the help of digitization social media is a necessity and artificial intelligence is an integral part of the corporate systems.

Media monitoring helps in monitoring all relevant platforms. It is important to continuously scan the mentions where the audience might engage like print, online, social media or broadcast. Also, it is an automated and sophisticated way of gaining information. It has also been accurate than ever before. It helps to gain deeper insights for future campaigns, as you get the reaction of the audience and also know how it has resonated with them. The data collected can then used to improve future campaigns and influencer strategies.

Why do you need Media Monitoring?
It is important to understand how media monitoring impacts your communications efforts, to make it work. Today the portals have a 24/7 cycle. The digital presence is important on all digital channels, you’ve to monitor every information under your industry all the time. Media monitoring can help you gain it by improving the message that resonates more with your customers. It is essential to track your competitors and to know when to cut down on your expenses to prevent a crisis. Learn new trends in your industry as they grow. Target the correct market for your campaigns. It is also important to know which influencers have the most impact on your brand and attribute value by mapping the campaigns better.

We are here to help you. We at NBI Digital help you monitor and measure your company’s media visibility and reputation development. We track the impact of your communication activities on your customers, follow the media publicity of your competitors and other stakeholders. We follow various sources that include open digital content, weekend editors, digital newspapers, magazines and other forms of online media. We also provide intelligence on media publicity, regulatory development, market development and disruptors, competitors and customers.



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